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Fancamp holds 11,799,000 shares and 1,433,500 warrants in NeoTerrex Minerals Inc. (NTX), a Canadian mineral exploration corporation focused on developing rare earth elements properties in Canada. Fancamp realized significant value on its investment in NeoTerrex Minerals following its initial trading on the TSX Venture Exchange, with potential for future growth as projects develop.  NeoTerrex Minerals owns two prospective rare earth projects located in the favourable jurisdiction of Quebec and with access to excellent infrastructure.  NeoTerrex properties host among the highest Neodymium values in Quebec with grab sample values of 7,000 ppm Nd, and high Praseodymium values of 3,900 ppm Pr (refer to Neoterrex website). Decelles and Riel are two new properties acquired with potential for rare earth and lithium. Recently released surface sampling results at its flagship 11,187-hectare, Mount Discovery project, where 4 new discoveries were made with assays +1% TREO in grab samples and a new occurrence of 9.21% TREO expands the mineralization footprint 1,000 metres North-East of King showing and 400 metres East of the Ruy Lopez showing. A total of 26 distinct occurrences on the Property since exploration work in 2022 (Link to Feb 7, 2024 press release).


Fancamp holds 11,799,000 common shares and 1,433,500 warrants in NeoTerrex Minerals Inc.

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