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Fancamp has a significant investment holding being the 2.7 million shares of Champion Iron Limited (CIA); Fancamp earned a dividend of $540,000 in 2023 through its investment in CIA.  Champion Iron Limited, through its subsidiary Quebec Iron Ore Inc., owns and operates the Bloom Lake Mining Complex, located on the south end of the Labrador Trough, approximately 13 km north of Fermont, Québec. Fancamp holds a significant royalty portfolio which includes potential future production payments from the Fermont Properties of CIA; Lac Lamêlée, O’Keefe-Purdy, Harvey-Tuttle, Bellechasse, Oil Can, Fire Lake North Consolidated, Peppler Lake and Moiré Lake Claims, currently held by CIA. Fancamp Fermont Properties are located in the Fermont Iron Ore District in Eastern Quebec, on the southern end of the Labrador Trough with offer an excellent exploration potential for iron, as indicated by ore resources and reserves declared by the Mining Company working in the area (see table below for reference). The Fermont Properties are located at the northern limit of the Fire Lake Mine, operated by ArcelorMittal, and ~60 km South of the Bloom Lake Mine owned by Champion Iron.

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Champion Iron issued to Fancamp potential future production payments on a fixed amount of future iron ore production, payable once certain production thresholds have been reached with respect to the Lac Lamêlée, Moiré Lake and Fermont property portfolio properties. Fancamp also holds 2,700,000 shares in Champion Iron.

Champion Iron CIA logo
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