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Image by Guillaume Briard



Au, Cu, Zn, Ag



The Dileo Project is located 100 km north of Chibougamau, Quebec, comprised of 16 claims, over 8 km² of prospective land, strategically positioned within the Frotet-Evans Greenstone Belt (2793-2755Ma). The Dileo Project hosts a broad trend of mineralization across a 2.2-km corridor and was previously worked by Noranda in the 1990s which defined 2 VMS and 1 gold showing. 

The best soil assay result of the geochemical survey conducted on Dileo returned 178 ppb Au (Link to March 6, 2023 press release) which compares favourably with Kenorland’s published 4,000 geochemical soil assays leading to the Regnault discovery (Kenorland, GM71872), Diléo soil sample ranks top 5 best gold assay results.

The Diléo property hosts two Cu-Zn-Ag (VMS) showings on which *historical drill program intersected high grade mineralization over narrow lengths:

  • 6.21% Cu, 5.85% Zn & 105.06 g/t Ag over 0.6 metres (MC-62-09)

  • 3.67% Cu, 4.22% Zn & 41.3 g/t Ag over 0.35 metres (LD-95-06)


The Diléo property hosts Au-Cu showing discovered in 1994 by *Noranda. Gold market conditions in the early 1990’s limited Noranda efforts on assessing the gold potential of the property:

  • Channel sampling : 12.63 g/t Au & 0.47% Cu over 0.4 metres

  • Best grab sample : 16.59 g/t Au, 4.94% Cu and 38.7 g/t Ag 

* REFERENCE: Historical Drilling with Reference to Minova Corp, 1962 (GM 13435 MNRF Québec) and Historical Drilling with Reference to Noranda Exploration, 1995 (GM 53297 MNRF Québec)


The 2023 soil sampling program returned highly anomalous gold content in soil, delineating a 2-km strike length anomaly (Link to March 6, 2023 press release).

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