Precious Metals

Mallard-Heenan: The Mallard property lies in the southern part of the Swayze greenstone belt of the Abitibi Subprovince, and is underlain by deformed and sericite + carbonate altered felsic ...Read More

Stoke: The Stoke property in the Quebec Appalachians lies within Dunnage zone rocks, and is underlain by fine-grained clastic sediments, sericitic felsic tuff, and basaltic chlorite schist ...Read More

Robidoux: Robidoux is underlain by metasedimentary rocks (mudstone, siltstone, conglomerate) of the Appalachian Gaspe Belt. Auriferous quartz veins occur along the Grand Pabos fault ...Read More

Boisbuisson: The Boisbuisson project is located in the Humber Zone, in the northern Gaspe Peninsula. The project is underlain by fine grained clastic sediments, dolomite, and minor basaltic ...Read More

Ste. Marguerite (Gaspe): The Ste. Marguerite (Gaspe) property hosts a linear trend of gold bearing vein occurrences, more than 10 km long. The mineral occurrences are largely hosted by ...Read More

Base Metals

Clinton: The Clinton property, located in the Northern Appalachian, some 20 kilometers southwest of the town of Mégantic, may represent a structural window within the Clinton River Anticlinorium of Ordovician Age. This window is situated between two major structures of the Northern Appalachian : The Gaspé-Connecticut Valley Synclinorium to the NorthWest and the Boudary Mountains Anticlinorium to the SouthEast. The project is underlain by volcanic rocks of the Chesham Melange, and sedimentary rocks of the Clinton Formation, and host numerous precious metal bearing VMS occurrences and small past producers, along a NE trend across the property... Read More

Harvey Hill: The Harvey Hill project is underlain by argillic sedimentary rocks, intermediate to mafic volcanic rocks, and talc schist of the Humber zone in the Quebec Appalachians. Three zones of Cu+Ag mineralization occur within strongly carbonate+sericitic altered argillic schists, with quartz veins and veinlets. Chalcocite, chalcopyrite, and boronite are noted in mineralized intervals... Read More

Critical and Strategic Metals

Wells: Fancamps Wells property is underlain by gneissic sediments of the Pontiac Subprovince, and intrusive rocks of the Decalles Reservoir batholith. The Wells-Lacourrciere lithium occurrence is located on the Wells property. A granitoid dyke hosting the occurrence is traceable for approximately 600 meters and is 8m to 15m wide. 2016, Metalstech (an ASX company) sampled trenches on the occurrence... Read More

Lac Baude: The Lac Baude REE project is located about 70 km northwest of Shawinigan, in the Grenville Subprovince. The allanite-bearing, pegmatite hosted rare earth occurrence was discovered in 1893 by the GSC during a regional mapping program, and staked by Fancamp in 2017. The pegmatite is approximately 7 to 10 meters wide, and traceable for about 1 kilometer. Fancamp conducted a diamond drill program in 2019, which due to drill problems, failed to intersect the target depth and did not cut the pegmatite ... Read More